Ercolina Flanging Machine ERCOFLANGE EFB 220

Ercolina’s Flanging Machine ERCOFLANGE EFB 220

Ercoflange EFB220The ERCOFLANGE EFB 220 is designed to meet the high quality standards specific to the naval, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and petrochemical (oil & gas) fields.

Ercolina® EFB220 uniformly cold forms a variety material including stainless, steel, copper and aluminum to 37° and 90° flanges in tubes 20 to 220 millimeter diameter with maximum wall thickness of 5 mm thick. The innovative forming process uses series double conical tools to avoid swelling and deforming the flange. Greater accuracy minimum deformation result in less post forming operations and higher productivity. The EFB 220 is equipped with a PLC control with touch screen 5.7″ to easily control settings and machine operation.

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