TB100 – Simplified Touch Screen Control

Simplified Touch Screen Control for Programmable Repeatable Bending

Bending Capacity to 4 Inches

Ercolina®’s Top Bender model TB100 is ideal for producing consistent quality bends in large diameter pipe, tube, squares, rectangular, solids and other profiles. PLC touch screen control offers easy access to automatic and manual operating modes, programming, system diagnostics and multiple language capability. Digital display of counterbend die axis and bend angle. Bends to a centerline radius as small as 2D. Bend any angle to 180˚ with independent spring back compensation for each bend. Unlimited program storage available with USB – up to 12 bends per program. Patented quick-change tooling system with multiple radii available. Engineered heavy-duty steel gear case accepts bend profiles with CLR to 18″. Class 3 safety hand-held remote control for bend, return and emergency stop functions. Patented swing away counterbending die vise. Auto load sensing improves bend productivity while protecting machine components. No hydraulic components reduces cost and improves bend accuracy.